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My Business Journey

Learning a business can be challenging, especially in the beginning. 

“When I started I thought it would flow so easily, but it definitely did not. There were business structure steps I skipped in the beginning that cost me a huge loss. There were people I trusted that I shouldn’t have. I struggled with balance of full time work, home, and creating this business without, if any, support.

The truth is becoming a true entrepreneur is hard. It’s a journey many don’t understand which can add stress in addition to the stress of operating a new business or expanding.

Though the road is rough and you will experience several moments of self doubt, the reward is greater. Which is why I started this journey of helping others and steer them in the right direction.”


-Jami Bryant

Awarded “Best MedSpa of 2021”

Along with Jami Bryant MBA/MPH RN NPD-BC CIC, Founder of award winning Hydrate 4 Lyfe and Elevated Lyfestyle Medspa as well as Jami B business coaching in Atlanta, Georgia. Jami has 20 years experience in healthcare in various settings and capacities as well as a background in business.


Most of Jami’s nursing experience was in research/healthcare quality and leadership. Upon opening her beauty and wellness medspa 4 years ago, she quickly learned the joy of helping clients achieve their beauty and self care goals. In 2021, Jami launched a robust platform to help other healthcare professionals transition into business within the medical spa world. Noticing the need to serve new entrepreneurs by providing guidance, resources and step by step assistance to walk through the journey and set up properly leading to great success.

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