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Will You be the N.E.X.T Medspa Expert ?

Learn the blueprint straight from Hydration Therapy and Med Spa Business Expert Jami Bryant and Become Noble Echelon Executive Trainers.

You Can Be A Leading Expert in the MedSpa Industry

Our. N.E.X.T Level Program 

Learn How to Create a System That Others Can Plug Into

  • Learn How to Create a System That Others Can Plug Into

  • Lay a solid business foundation with official establishment strategies

  • Learn how to maintain compliance for your medspa and IV hydration business

  • Create signature branding designed to set your business apart

  • Implement effective marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and engagement

  • Diversify your income by publishing a book to establish your expertise further

  • Develop a company that creates generational wealth and future financial security.

Your Success is personal to us 

In the N.E.X.T. Level Program, you will learn how to create a plug- and-play system that can create independent wealth.

In the Next 12 Months

You Could be on Your Way to Being an Industry Expert 

I have over two decades of experience in healthcare specializing in research and healthcare quality and leadership. I am also the owner of the award-winning MedSpa, Hydrate 4 Lyfe. I specialize in providing an elevated experience in lifestyle wellness.

In 2021, I launched a program designed to teach everything I've learned throughout my career to other professionals interested in Lifestyle Med Spa. Seeing a thriving ecosystem of wellness and healthcare professionals is essential, which is why I provide a premium coaching experience, providing resources and guidance throughout the journey

Did You Know?

MedSpa owners earn anywhere from 5 to 6 figures monthly?
Learn how to market, and increase profits in your Med Spa business AND teach others how to do the same!

Position Yourself as an Expert

Get to Know Us

The foundation of your business determines everything to follow. Learn how to establish a MedSpa and IV Hydration business within state compliance to legitimize your company by:

✔️Create your Brand

✔️Trademark your brand name or a signature phrase

✔️Write your book, have it published and host a book signing

✔️Celebrity Media Promotion via Radio, Magazine, and

✔️TV exposure (Choose one (1) platform).

✔️You’ll finish this module understanding how to take your business from an idea to an established Brand.


Develop Your Program

Your business is established, and the next step is to create your coaching course and network with industry peers.

Industry Meet up with complementary experts in your business

Develop the modules for your group coaching program (from mindset to branding to legalities to marketing and much more)!

Implement your marketing strategy for your program

You’ll finish this section with an established coaching course and be prepared to market your course!

Monetize Your Knowledge

Take what you have learned, package it, and earn income!

Done For You Course content

Take your Coaching course LIVE!


You get to draw more traffic to your MedSpa and help others make their dreams come true


We've taken the time to answer some of your questions below. However, if you have any additional questions- feel free to contact us.

  • How much Does it Cost ?
    Our program is designed in 3 parts. Pricing depends on whether or not you take one or all three. It's best to schedule a call with our specialist to discuss which option best suits your needs.
  • Can my business partner and I join the program together?
    We love when Business partners join; it shows that they are on the same page and want to grow as a team
  • Are results guaranteed.
    You are guaranteed to gain the knowledge you need to take your business to the next level and position yourself as an industry expert. We will walk you through step by step and even take care of some of the admin tasks required to get started
  • Will I have access to multiple coaches?
    Yes, we pride ourselves on bringing in other experts that will provide value to you as a business owner and personally. From Self-Care coaches to compliance and marketing, the goal is success.
  • When can I sign up?
    We are currently accepting applications for the Jan 2023 start date.
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